Inspire. Educate. Impact.

Mission Statement: The Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program empowers high school students to manifest their goals. Through meaningful real-world experiences, robust academics, an inclusive campus culture, networking and mentorship, students are able to discover their passions and clarify their future pathway.

The Wake Forest University Summer Immersion Program offers 9th – 12th grade students the chance to dive deep and explore a particular field of study. Those selected for the program will enjoy access to world-class faculty, resources, industry professionals and a one-of-a-kind view from inside a career field.

The Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program illuminates Wake Forest’s value and visibility and shows high school students the impact a single week can make on their lives.

The Summer Immersion Program creates opportunities for high school students to: 

  • Experience Career Pathways and Majors 
  • Benefit from Wake Forest Faculty Members, Undergraduate Students, and Experienced Professionals
  • Explore Interests, Passions, and Questions
  • Eliminate Assumptions 
  • Enjoy Wake’s Beautiful Campus
  • Make Friends from Around the World

Which ultimately allows students to:

  • Invest in Their Future 
  • Clarify Their Goals
  • Enhance Their Ability to Make a Difference in the World

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