Inspire. Educate. Impact.

The Wake Forest University Summer Immersion Program offers 9th – 12th grade students the chance to dive deep and explore a particular field of study. Those selected for the program will enjoy access to world-class faculty, resources, industry professionals and a one-of-a-kind view from inside a career field.

The Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program illuminates Wake Forest’s value and visibility and shows high school students the impact a single week can make on their lives.

The Summer Immersion Program creates opportunities for high school students to: 

  • Experience Career Pathways and Majors 
  • Benefit from Wake Forest Faculty Members, Undergraduate Students, and Experienced Professionals
  • Explore Interests, Passions, and Questions
  • Eliminate Assumptions 
  • Enjoy Wake’s Beautiful Campus
  • Make Friends from Around the World

That ultimately allows students to: 

  • Invest in Their Future 
  • Clarify Their Goals
  • Enhance Their Ability to Make a Difference in the World