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The Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program is a hands-on learning experience offered on-campus and online. High school students dive deep into a field of study with access to world-class faculty, researchers, and industry professionals.

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20 Institutes. On-Campus & Online. 1 Incredible Summer.

Summer Immersion Program (On-Campus)

Students have the opportunity to experience a career pathway or academic field of study, meet new friends from around the world, make professional connections, explore life on campus, and learn what their future may hold.

On-Campus Institutes

“I felt such a sense of belonging here and hope to pursue my medical route at WFU. The sim labs were so cool and the hands on experience gave me a clear view on what goes on in the world of medicine. I made a new best friend and realized what I want in my future. The group leaders were so kind and really made all of us feel included, safe, and excited about Wake Forest!” Kristen, Medicine Institute

SIP Live (Online)

SIP Live allows students to participate in the Summer Immersion Program in a virtual environment. Students participate in live lectures with professionals and peers via Zoom and engage in virtual labs, discussions and activities.


Online Institutes

“I had a great experience this week. The program leaders and ambassadors were very welcoming and knowledgeable, and I feel like for an online program, it was pretty much the best it could have been. I learned new things while having fun during the labs, and heard about different topics firsthand from guest speakers. This online experience really solidified what I think I want to pursue.” Julia, Biosciences and Engineering Institute




  animation icon

Draw. Illustrate. Animate. Breath life into your works of art frame-by-frame.


Biosciences & Engineering


 Experimentation. Exploration. Innovation. The building blocks of science.

On-Campus   Online



Swim with sharks who know how to create and seize opportunity in ponds large and small.

On-Campus   Online

Debate and Public Advocacy

debate icon

Speak up. Speak out. Build confidence and skills; be your best advocate.

On-Campus   Online


Take your idea from concept to reality and learn how to launch the next industry-changing start-up.

On-Campus   Online


documentary film icon

Lights. Camera. Action. What’s the story you want to tell? We can help you tell it!

On-Campus   Online

Finance and Investing

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Get ahead of the game. Learn and experience how investing works.

On-Campus   Online

Health and Exercise Science

health and exercise icon

Workout your future. Master the essentials of health, exercise, and overall wellness.

On-Campus   Online

Health and Wellbeing

 From nutrition to mindfulness and everything in between, discover how health dictates all facets of life.

On-Campus   Online



Your permission to approach the bench is granted. Experience an insider’s view of the legal industry.

On-Campus   Online



Walk a mile in the shoes of those who know what it means—and what it takes—to inspire others.

On-Campus   Online



 Don your white coat and scrub into the world of medicine. Prepare to make a positive impact.

On-Campus   Online


neuroscience icon

From the molecular to the philosophical – explore how the brain develops, functions, & learns.

On-Campus   Online

Policy and Politicspolicy

Learn to use your power to shape the policies that govern you, your community, your state & the nation!

On-Campus   Online


psychology icon

Take a trip inside the mind. Discover why people think, act,
and feel the way they do.

On-Campus   Online

Sports Marketing


From the field to the locker room, get an in-depth view of one of the largest industries worldwide.

On-Campus   Online

Sports Medicine


Discover what it takes to keep top athletes on the field and performing at their very best.

On-Campus   Online



Pursue your digital dreams from the intersection of inspiration and innovation.

On-Campus   Online


Virtual Reality

Experience the forefront of technology by exploring how various industries utilize virtual reality. 



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