Sport and Society

Course Description:

The class will examine the mutual influence between the world of sport and the broader society. Issues include: competition versus cooperation as modes of organizing; the meaning of play; the impact of economics on sport; effects of race, gender, and class on sport; and the significance of Title IX.  The goal of the class is to enable students to understand more deeply how sport both shapes and reflects our society. Outside of class, students will analyze significant interviews and speeches while working on projects that identify rhetorical patterns and make links to other types of public speech (such as political concession speeches) that serve cultural functions (such as symbolic healing and re-consolidation of the community).
*Class capped at 25 students.

Dr. John Llewelyn

John Llewellyn is a scholar of rhetoric whose work includes analyzing persuasive language from the nation’s most prominent politicians, coaches and civil rights leaders. A former speechwriter and public information officer, Llewellyn also specializes in crisis communication, having studied the intersection of politics and public relations for nearly 30 years. He has published on corporate social responsibility, organizational ethics, and public attention and political reputation.