Independence, Maturity, & Safety

Independence and an incredible immersion experience is fundamental to a residential summer enrichment program. For many students, this level of independence will be a new experience. They will need to practice self-discipline to manage their time, set their priorities, and to be mindful of things like eating balanced meals and getting enough sleep—all without parental assistance.

Wake Forest’s Summer Immersion program is a great opportunity for your bright, motivated young person to practice managing his or her daily life in a supportive environment.

The Wake Forest University Police Department is committed to providing a safe and secure educational and working environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The WFPD is a full-service department with a 24-hour communications center, security officers, and commissioned police officers. To help you learn more about programs, services, and the operation of University Police, please browse the website.

Wake Forest University’s Protection of Minors Policy is designed to protect those under 18 years of age who participate in programs and activities associated with the University and to provide guidance and requirements that apply to University students, faculty, and staff who are involved with such programs and activities. The policy also includes requirements for non-University organizations that operate programs or activities involving minors on campus.

Contacting Your Student:
We know that you will want to be in touch with your child during their Summer Immersion experience! We encourage you to discuss with your child when and how often you will communicate during his/her institute experience. Typically within hours of a parent’s departure, students are so immersed in the experience that their sense of time—of when they last spoke to their parents—is very different from their parents’ sense. Students may bring a cell phone to Summer Immersion so that they may contact you outside of instructional time.