Creativity and Innovation

Course Description:

During this two week course, we will jump into experiential learning with both feet!  We will design things, read about how to move past the fear of making mistakes, and meet interesting people who create new ways of being in the world. We will move around and visit some strange new places, which means you will need to bring your open mind to class every day. Our textbook, Creative Confidence, is written by Dave and Tom Kelly, two brothers who founded the Silicon Valley start-up IDEO.  One of their first customers was Steve Jobs!

*Class capped at 20 students.

Jan Detter

I grew up in a very rural place in western North Carolina. My town was small but my dreams were not. Both my grandmothers raised 5 children each but still took time to raise colorful flowers and make intricate quilts from worn out bits of cloth. My paternal grandfather was a fixer in the local cotton mills, raised a huge garden to feed his family and played claw hammer style banjo whenever the mood struck. My maternal grandfather raised cotton during the summer, worked in the textile mills in the winter and hunted and fished pretty much year round or as long as it was legal. By the time my parents met and started a family, factory life and constant gardening were as much a part of our life as flying June bugs were of summertime.

Being raised in a family of multi-taskers was a good preparation for a life in the arts. I am grateful for their continual optimism that there was always time for what mattered most. Today, my life is filled with a mixture of art making, teaching and garden creating. I love to co-create public art and help students find their bravery and passion through creativity.  There is time for what you love the most!

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